Cordelia McGee-Tubb


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Web Comics

Echo Through the Fog

My current comic Tumblr where I post my miscellaneous comics and illustrations. These are mainly autobiographical, but I also love posting comics featuring my favorite character to draw, Designer Dude, a fictional UX designer.

one two six oh four

A largely autobiographical webcomic about student life at Vassar College, drawn in a series of Moleskine notebooks during my junior and senior years. My comics were featured in various campus publications, as well as on the college's homepage.

Mini Comics

I have some mini comics available for purchase in my online store. Click a cover for more info.

Fake Geek Girl
The Demerit

Thesis Project

Comics page in which character worries about getting cooties after drinking from a boy's juice box

I recently completed my MFA in Comics from California College of the Arts. It's a fantastic program that I'd highly recommend if you're an aspiring cartoonist.

My thesis project is a comics memoir composed of stories of anxiety. From first pangs of unreasonable worry in kindergarten, to present day heart palpitations in moments of truly minor conflict, this graphic memoir explores the role anxiety plays in shaping one’s character.

Read an excerpt from my thesis!