Cordelia McGee-Tubb


What Do You See?

My friend Christian and I always end up photographing each other snapping pictures while we're wandering around with our cameras. "What Do You See?" pairs photos of photographers in action with the photos they were taking at the time.

Summer in SoMa

Photoblog documenting my wanderings around San Francisco. I started it one summer when interning at a SoMa-based tech company, but the photoblog has since expanded to other seasons and neighborhoods..

Remember This Place

A photoblog of places and spaces, the nooks and crannies of everyday life. I gravitate mostly towards signs of urban decay - rust, chipped paint, abandoned objects, and the like.

Hello Dolly

In 2009, my family found a tiny porcelain doll head in an antiques shop, and I couldn't resist turning it into a quirky photo project. I now have a small doll head collection, which creeps out some friends. Oh well!