Cordelia McGee-Tubb

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In addition to speaking at meetups and conferences, I also do lunch-and-learn talks about accessibility and digital literacy at various companies in San Francisco. If you'd like me to chat with your team, email cordelia at cordeliadillon dot com.

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Cordelia McGee-Tubb is a developer, designer, and cartoonist focused on making the web better for everyone. She is a currently working on web accessibility at Dropbox. An advocate for digital literacy, Cordelia teaches basic computer and internet skills to senior citizens. In her spare time, she draws autobiographical comics and collects hats shaped like food.

Need a photo?

My preferred avatar is this illustrated self portrait:

illustrated headshot of Cordelia

But if you need a real photo, here's one Tyler took when we were walking the perimeter of San Francisco:

Cordelia sitting in a pink chair against a green background, holding a speech balloon sign that says 'Cheers'

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