Cordelia McGee-Tubb

Tech Stuff

I work full-time as a front-end developer and accessibility specialist. Outside of work, I volunteer through Community Technology Network as a computer tutor for senior citizens in the Bay Area. I believe everyone should be able to access and easily navigate the web, and I'm dedicated to making that a reality. Through talks at conferences and tech companies, I try to make my enthusiasm for accessibility, universal design, and user empathy contagious.

My full tech portfolio is available upon request. Here's a little preview, featuring some projects I worked on while wearing various hats at Salesforce:

Lighting Design System

Lightning Design System

The Salesforce Lightning Design System is a framework for creating beautiful, scalable, consistent UIs. I worked on this project as an accessibility specialist, advising on how to make the design system's components acccessible.

Lightning App Builder

The Lightning App Builder is a WYSIWYG tool for Salesforce admins to create custom pages for Salesforce1. I worked on this primarily as a prototyper, but also as a designer and accessibility specialist.

Lightning Process Builder

The Lightning Process Builder is a tool that lets Salesforce admins quickly create custom workflow processes. I worked on this as a prototyper.

Schema Builder

The Schema Builder is a visual, drag-and-drop tool for creating and managing Salesforce objects and fields. I worked on this as a developer.