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Filter: is a tool Lee White and I built to help you create and curate transcripts for useful resources that happen to be shared across the internet as images of text. The goal of is to make these resources more accessible to a wider audiences. This is work in progress, so please give it a try and reach out with any feedback!

Status: DormantTags: Accessibility, Code

Bingo Buddies

Bingo Buddies is an interactive, accessible bingo web app. It started as a small side project to learn Firebase and have some fun with a few work friends during meetings. It somehow took off and is now used by larger teams at my company to add some more whimsy to all-hands meetings. Check out my 24 Accessibility article about how I built it or jump right into the source code.

Status: ActiveTags: Accessibility, Code

Include Every Customer

For our company's annual Dreamforce conference in 2018, a few Salesforce UX colleagues and I created an interactive demo for attendees to learn some of the basics of accessible content design: alternative text for images, closed captioning for videos, more than color to convey meaning, and keyboard-friendly interactions.

Status: CompleteTags: Accessibility, Code, Salesforce

Salesforce Accessibility

In my role as Principal Accessibility Engineer at Salesforce, I advised teams on designing and building products with accessibility in mind. I was particularly passionate about making Service Cloud products accessible for all. You can check out some features I've contributed to in this Salesforce Service Cloud screen reader demo video.

Status: OngoingTags: Accessibility, Salesforce

Echo Through The Fog

A Tumblr where I post my miscellaneous comics and illustrations. These are mainly autobiographical, but I also love posting comics featuring my favorite character to draw, Designer Dude, a fictional UX designer.

Status: Sporadically UpdatedTags: Blog, Comics

Brocedurally Generated

Brocedurally Generated (beta) is an experimental webcomic I made in my Digital Comics class during CCA's MFA in Comics program. Follow the mundane procedurally-generated adventures of millenial men in San Francisco's bustling tech industry!

Status: DormantTags: Code, Comics

SF Photobooth Crawl

Anyone who knows me well knows I love photo booths. In February 2014, my friend Zach Grosser and I embarked on a mission to visit as many San Francisco photo booths as we could in just one day. We managed to visit 30 photo booths in 11 hours. Let us know if you'd like suggestions!

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one two six oh four

A largely autobiographical webcomic about student life at Vassar College, drawn in a series of Moleskine notebooks during my junior and senior years. Selected comics were featured in various campus publications, as well as on Vassar's homepage.

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Summer in SOMA

I moved to San Francisco in 2010 with a camera in hand and a desire to discover how its urban landscape compared to that of my hometown, NYC. Summer in SOMA is a photoblog documenting my first few years exploring San Francisco.

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What Do You See?

When my friend Christian and I hang out, we go on photo walks where we almost always end up photographing each other snapping pictures. What Do You See? pairs photos of photographers in action with the photos they were taking at the time.

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Hello Dolly

In 2009, my family found a tiny porcelain doll head in an antiques shop, and I couldn't resist turning it into a little photo project. One thing led to another, and I now have a small doll head collection, which creeps out some friends. Oh well!

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Yesterday Was Not Dull

A now defunct blog where I used to curate things that interested me. Now it's a time capsule of what college-age Cordelia spent her days ogling on the internet.

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