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As an introvert who has grappled with social anxiety since a young age, I never would have thought I'd enjoy public speaking as much as I do. But when I'm passionate about something, I need to share it. I'm passionate about accessibility, inclusive design, digital literacy, and technology for older adults, and I don't think these topics are talked about enough in mainstream tech spheres. By speaking with larger audiences, I hope other people will become passionate about them, too.


Nothing on the agenda!

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Co-hosting #a11yTO Conf

In 2019, I got to co-host my favorite North American accessibility conference, #a11yTO Conf, with my favorite cactus-shirt-wearing accessibility pal, Eric Bailey. It was super fun to spend two days introducing all of the amazing speakers and making up really bad jokes on the spot with Eric. I'm still amazed no one threw tomatoes at us.

Eric Bailey & I on stage in front of the #a11yTO event logo (Photo credit: Carie Fisher)

The Great Accessibility Bake Off

Probably the most fun I've ever had putting together a talk, "The Great Accessibility Bake Off" is a talk structured like an episode of "The Great British Bake Off/Baking Show," with three key challenges: Signature, Technical, and Showstopper. I've had the pleasure of presenting versions of this talk three times in Australia, and would love the opportunity to present it again. Check out the slides on SlideShare.

Participating in Funka Accessibility Days

The 2017 Funka Accessibility Days conference in Stockholm was my first international conference, and it absolutely blew me away. A bilingual event, it featured talks in both English and Swedish, with live audio translations, captioning, and sign interpretation in multiple sign languages. Not knowing any Swedish, I could walk into a Swedish language session, tune my headset to the English channel, adjust the volume to my liking, and easily follow along. Kudos to the event organizers for running such a seamless and inclusive event.

Me on stage at Funka. From left to right, the three screens behind me show Swedish live captions, slides for my talk on "Illustrating the point: Images as effective communication tools," and a sign language interpreter. (Photo credit: Jesse Beach)

Past Talks

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