Cordelia McGee-Tubb


  • When you find your worry twin

    February 2021

    I really enjoyed collaborating with Emma Pan on this essay about something we all too often keep to ourselves: anxiety. It can be scary to share what's really going on in your head, but it's oh so cathartic when you finally do.

  • Building an accessible bingo web app

    December 2019, 24 Accessibility

    Itching to write some code, I built a multiplayer bingo web app. Here's how I approached its implementation with accessibility in mind.

  • Creating a culture of accessibility

    April 2017, Dropbox Tech Blog

    Sharing some techniques Dropbox used within its engineering organization (& beyond) to keep accessibility top-of-mind for product creators

  • Using onclick wisely

    March 2016, net magazine

    The onClick handler is a powerful piece of JavaScript. You can add it to any HTML element to make that element clickable. But should you?

  • Projectors Don't Lie

    December 2014, Salesforce UX Blog

    How many times have you been in a meeting where a design looked strange but was waved away with "Oh, that’s just the projector"? In my experience, projectors don't lie. They just exaggerate a little.

  • Alternatives to "Ninja" and "Rockstar"

    March 2014

    The ideal software developer is probably not going to identify as a ninja or a rockstar, but as someone who enjoys the challenges of learning complex systems, thinking through tough problems, and building solutions with a variety of tools.

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